Best Kept Community Village 2019


Cemetery gateway (Not the gates). Grade II. Circa 1880. Listed 2001. Gates refurbished 2000.

Henblas. Grade I. 1645. Listed 1952.

Gyrn Castle. Grade II. Circa 1820. Listed 1983.

Groes Cottages. Grade II. 1674. Listed 1972. [Additional information].

Grove Villa. Grade II. Circa 1870. Listed 2001.

Golden Grove. Grade I. 1578. Listed 1962.

Glan Aber. Grade II. Circa 1871. Listed 1997.

Church. Grade II*. 11th Century. Listed 1962.

Church Lych Gates. Grade II. 1735. Listed 2001.

Old Post Office. Grade II. Late 1600's. Listed 2001.

Telephone box. Grade II. 1936. Listed 1990.

Old Gyrn Arms. Grade II. 1675. Listed 2001.

Village Hall. Grade II. 1857. Listed 2001.

Henblas Lodge..Grade II. Circa 1660. Listed 2001.

The Red Lion pub. Grade II. Circa 1870. Listed 2001.

Tombs and Memorials

West Lodge. Grade II. Built 1830. Listed 2001.

School House. Grade II. 1857. Listed 2001.

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There are 18 Listed Buildings and structures in the village.

Grade I Buildings and structures of exceptional interest.

Grade II* Particularly important buildings and structures of more than special interest.

Grade II Buildings and structures that are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.

Listed buildings and structures